STATUS: Approved

Alert Details
Theft Type: Reporting a Theft
Theft of: 10 Reels of 4/0 500'.- Brand New and packaged from Wesco.
Date and Time of Theft: 5/10/2021 4:00
Broadcast: 5/11/2021 6:02:18 AM
United States Santa Clara CALIFORNIA 95054 SANTA CLARA 1350 duane avenue
Metal - Copper and Brass
Name Brand/Serial: Wesco
Color: Black
Length: 500
Diameter: 1"
Weight(lbs.): 175/ each
Total Dollar Amount: 30,000.00 (Estimated)
Additional Identifying Characteristics:
10 reels of 4/0 copper wire 500'.
Gender: M
Race: Hispanic American
Age: 35
Weight(lbs.): 200
Height: 6 Feet 0 Inches
Heavier set. pony tail.wearing face covering.
Clothing Description:
hood sweetshirts, long pants, black, heavier set guy had a sweetshirt that said Hurley
Make: DOD
Model: RAM 1500
Style: Pickup
Color: Silver
VIN: na
Plate: na
Additional Description:
silver with dent on hood right side. chrome wheels faded paint.
Law Enforcement Information
Agency Name: Santa Clara police department
Phone Number: (408) 615-4700
Email Address:
Officer Name: S.Mackay
Case Number: 21-510016
Broadcast Radius:
600 miles
Special Handling: