STATUS: Approved

Alert Details
Theft Type: Reporting a Theft
Theft of: Copper Aerial Telecommunication Cable
Date and Time of Theft: 5/8/2019 05:00
Broadcast: 5/13/2019 2:38:28 PM
United States Benton ARKANSAS 72019 Saline 2505 W. South St.
Metal - Copper and Brass
Name Brand/Serial:
Color: Copper
Length: 400
Diameter: 1
Weight(lbs.): 195
Total Dollar Amount: 5,000.00 (Estimated)
Additional Identifying Characteristics:
Copper telephone cable infrastructure; 400 feet of 200 pair aerial telephone cable (400 wires, 24 gauge wires) covered by a black plastic outer sheath, aluminum inner shield, & multi-colored plastic on individual wires . Usually is cut into smaller lengths/weights to avoid some recycler reporting requirements. The plastic sheath may be burned off to expose copper wires. Usually will be presented as #2 burnt copper. Sometimes described as a “rats nest” clump of twisted wires. See attached pictures for example. Contact AT&T Asset Protection-Scott Whitener 314-331-9805

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Law Enforcement Information
Agency Name: Benton Police Dept.
Phone Number: (501) 776-5948
Email Address:
Officer Name: Officer Ward #2721
Case Number: 19-2288
Broadcast Radius:
100 miles
Special Handling: