STATUS: Approved

Alert Details
Theft Type: Reporting a Theft
Theft of: Copper Power Cables -Cell sites
Date and Time of Theft: 11/19/2018 2:00
Broadcast: 11/19/2018
United States Macomb MISSOURI 65702 WRIGHT 1706 McIntosh Rd
Metal - Copper and Brass
Name Brand/Serial:
Color: Copper
Length: 25
Diameter: 1
Weight(lbs.): 50
Total Dollar Amount: 2,500.00 (Estimated)
Additional Identifying Characteristics:
Copper power cable infrastructure for cell site power; 25 feet each of three cables cut between the commercial power meter and the cell site facilities. The power cables are in buried conduit and have to be pulled out after cutting. The power cables are covered by a black plastic outer sheath and are usually cut into smaller lengths/weights to avoid some recycler reporting requirements. The plastic sheath may be burned off to expose copper wires. Previous thefts this year occurring in So. IL and MO. Contact AT&T Asset Protection-Scott Whitener 314-331-9805.
Law Enforcement Information
Agency Name: Wright County Sheriff
Phone Number: (417) 741-7576
Email Address:
Officer Name: Deputy Adler
Case Number: 2018-11200757
Broadcast Radius:
250 miles
Special Handling: