STATUS: Approved

Alert Details
Theft Type: Reporting a Theft
Theft of: Copper wire
Date and Time of Theft: 11/7/2018 1:00
Broadcast: 11/7/2018 5:14:39 PM
United States Detroit MICHIGAN 48226 WAYNE
Metal - Copper and Brass
Name Brand/Serial:
Length: 1000+
Diameter: 1
Total Dollar Amount: 20,000.00
Additional Identifying Characteristics:
A burglary of copper wire infrastructure occurred at a Detroit elementary school on the described date and time. The description of the size, length and diameter of the wire may vary from the above description. This theft occurred by several persons and the seller possibly registered as a commercial customer at your yard over the past 6 months under the guise of a demolition company, or is proposing that he/she purchased the wire from an auction. The seller is most likely stripping the wire and it is being sold as bare bright; it may be sold intact, cut up into small strands, or unwound as well. The vehicle used is "possibly" a white Pontiac Montana (this is not confirmed). Any yards who have had contact with any persons attempting the sale or selling this type of copper wire, contact the number or email provided in this Theft Alert.


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Law Enforcement Information
Agency Name: Detroit Police Department
Phone Number: (313) 378-1944
Email Address:
Officer Name: Lt. Rebecca Mckay
Case Number: 1811070082
Broadcast Radius:
500 miles
Special Handling: